How to boil an egg in three minutes? Learn the special way to boil it and take advantage of this technique of boiling eggs quickly in cold weather.

Everyone usually eats a boiled egg in the cold so that the body stays warm throughout the day and can avoid the cold. And on cold days, the heart does not want to get up in the morning, which is why breakfast is often late and the egg is either raw or overcooked, some people’s eggs are hard. Now, if you are also suffering from this problem, then learn this special technique of boiling eggs in 5 minutes, so that you can boil the eggs as per your wish and enjoy it by eating so much delicious.


Eggs are getting colder because everyone keeps them in the Refrigerator. You take the eggs out of the Refrigerator and put them in the pot in which you boil them.

Then add enough water so that the water is a little above the egg.

Now add half a teaspoon of salt and boil it.

When the water boils, take the egg out of it and put it in another bowl and put half a cup of cold water in it.

Leave the egg in it for one to two seconds.

Then take out the egg and peel it. It will peel off very soon.

In three minutes your boiled egg is ready.

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