Nature and our relationship

Nature has a form of its own. And that form is freshness. When nature loses its freshness, it takes on an unfavorable shape. Sometimes with natural disasters like Sidr, Aila, Fani and epidemics like Plague, Spring and Corona. In a word, these are the revenge of nature.

Just as humans are destroying nature by cutting down trees, increasing carbon dioxide, polluting water, and making atomic bombs, so too nature is wreaking havoc on people with epidemics like corona. It’s like hitting a brick and eating the jute. It is not the fault of nature. His behavior is actually like software. As the question, so the answer.

Just a few days ago, it was reported in the news that two teams of dolphins were playing near Kalatali and Sugandha Point on Cox’s Bazar beach. The two teams have a total of 20/25 dolphins. The video of 3 minutes and 36 seconds has caught our attention. According to locals, dolphins have not been seen playing like this on Coxโ€™s Bazar beach in the last three decades. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, tourists or locals are not allowed to land on Cox’s Bazar beach, which has reduced pollution and eliminated the difficulty of marine life.

In this way, the sea has been able to give back its children. The dolphin is trying to tell people who are happy with their cubs, look, this is our place, don’t bother us.


The rivers are now calm as offices, courts and educational institutions across the country, including Dhaka, have been declared closed and shipping has been stopped. Now and then, there is no competition to dispose of hazardous waste. So hopefully, the polluted Buriganga will become as clear as the canal in Venice, Italy, without the unbearable stench.

We have received the results of disturbing nature many times, but have not received any education. Corona may have come to teach again that let nature live in peace, otherwise I will give her back her identity as part of nature.

It is said that the ancient helpless people started the first fire by rubbing stones on the rocks and the smoke that was created from it started man-made air pollution. Thousands of years have passed since then and many changes have taken place in the civilization, the whole world has fallen into the hands of human beings. And to come to this state man has done a lot of oppression on nature. It has poisoned the earth’s soil, water, and air, increased temperatures, melted ice at the poles, and threatened to deplete coastal areas by raising sea levels.


When the environment is unsettled in our whims, no one is listening to anyone, nature is being oppressed, it seems that we are not pulling the reins. What people have gained from the horrific corona is the reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. From social media to mass media, news of global air pollution reduction is being seen everywhere. Corona transmission hotspot Wuhan’s industries were shut down, travel to China was banned, and road, air, and rail connections across the region were cut off. As a result, air pollution is reduced.

According to data from pollution-monitoring ground satellites operated by NASA and the European Space Agency, air pollution in China has been steadily declining in the two weeks since quarantine went into effect. The amount of carbon dioxide from various industries and mills has decreased at a significant rate.

According to Laurie Milliverter, an analyst at Finland’s Center for Energy and Clean Air, China’s carbon dioxide emissions fell 25 percent in the four weeks to the end of January compared to the same period last year.


Speaking of Italy, the whole country is now in lockdown. All communication including road, sea, air and rail is closed. Venice’s dirty canals are now clearing up due to the closure of shipping, with fish being seen playing underwater. Italian air has also seen a dramatic drop in nitrogen dioxide, as in China. An analysis in the Washington Post found that the decline was highest in northern Italy.

Man is adding different kinds of fine particles to the air through his daily activities. Fine particles in the air, which pose a threat to health, are also declining worldwide. The average concentration of fine particles in the air in San Francisco is estimated to have dropped by 40 percent over the past five years. If the amount of particles harmful to the lungs is reduced in the air, there will be a reduction in respiratory problems and various lung diseases.

Global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, and rising sea levels have resulted in excessive emissions and pollution from the industrialized world. There have been many discussions and agreements all over the world, but not everyone has expressed their goodwill. And because of this the situation has not changed much. Corona has ignored everyone’s wishes and forced them to stop all nature-destroying activities.

It is clear that we can restore nature to its own form by maintaining the balance of nature. Otherwise, nature will force us to give back its rights. So in time we move away from nature pollution

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