Types of bad breath smells.

Types of bad breath smells.

The depth of human relationships with people increases through communication. And one of the means of communication is talking.

Where do we talk? From the chat to the official meeting. Just as a smooth appearance helps you to attract the attention of others, bad breath can be a nuisance. Even with regular dental care, many people have bad breath. This is due to the accumulation of calculus at the base of the teeth.

Calculus is a combination of food particles accumulated in the teeth, saliva minerals and bacteria. It solidifies at the base of the teeth.

*What should be done: to get temporary relief –

1. Gently brush the surface of your tongue with a toothbrush. Make sure the brush reaches the back of the tongue.

2. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and clean the food particles that have accumulated between your teeth with a floss – especially after a meal.

3. To get rid of this problem quickly, you can eat mouth spray, spices or mint, orange or apple.

4. You can do it with mouthwash.

*If the problem for a long time:

1. If you also have toothache with bad breath; In that case, there may be tooth decay or gums. In that case contact a dentist.

2. Seek medical attention if you still have bad breath, even after cleaning your teeth with a regular toothbrush or floss for a week.

3. If there is pain in the gums of your teeth and there is bleeding from it, then it will be a gum disease.

4. If you have a fever with a bad breath, a cough, and a white discharge of mucus with a cough, it may be a sign of a sore or abscess in your throat or lungs.

*How to prevent:

1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and clean the food particles from the gaps with the floss.

2. Brush your tongue at least once a day. Remember, bad breath spreads from food stuck to the tongue.

3. Have your teeth cleaned by a dentist or dentist at least once a year and have your teeth checked by a dentist.

4. If you have a habit of smoking, quit.

5. Eat less sugar, coffee, and alcohol; Cut down on spicy foods such as garlic, hot peppers, and strong-smelling foods such as dried fish.

. Drink plenty of water throughout the day .

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