The U.S. record again in one day of casualties.

 The U.S. record again in one day of casualties

The U.S. record again in one day of casualties

Which way is the Corona situation in the United States? Although the prevalence of the virus has decreased in more or less many countries, the exception is in the country with the highest power. Where a record number of deaths occurred again in one day. On this day, 2200 Americans died in the country. Another 2.5 lakh people have been affected. On the other hand, the recovery rate lags behind as always.

In the last 24 hours, 1,65,046 people have been infected with corona, according to the World Health Organization, citing the US Department of Health. As a result, the number of infected people has increased to 1 crore 29 lakh 55 thousand 6 people. 2,018 people lost their lives anew. The death toll has risen to 2 lakh 75 thousand 691 people.

On the other hand, more than 6,000 victims have become tax-free in the last 24 hours, though less than the number of infections. As a result, the number of well-being has reached 6 lakh 36 thousand 84 people.

The first corona infection was detected in a Chicago resident on January 21 this year. Since then, the situation has become increasingly dire.

Health officials in the United States estimate that at least 20 million people in their country have already been affected by corona. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says, “The fact is that at least 10 times more people are affected by coronary heart disease.”

Of these, the alarming rate of infection is long in Texas. The number of victims in this city is more than 12 lakh 12 thousand. Where 21 thousand 418 people lost their lives. The number of infected people in California has exceeded 1.15 million. Of these, 17,006 people have died. More than 9 lakh 53 thousand people are victims of corona in Florida. Already 16 thousand 174 people have lost their lives there.

Corona sufferers in Illinois have more than 6 lakh 74 thousand so far. Of these, 12,262 people lost their lives. Nearly 7 lakh 48 thousand people were affected in the top city New York. Of these, 34,305 suffered in the land of no return. The number of Corona patients in Georgia is 4 lakh 55 thousand. Of these, 9,221 people lost their lives.

More than 3 lakh 21 thousand people are victims of corona in New Jersey. Of these, 18 thousand 953 people lost their lives.

In addition, cities like North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have more than 300,000 victims.

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