Social media is a hoax, Anam Tanveer

 Social media is a hoax, Anam Tanveer

Social media is a hoax, Anam Tanveer

Leading actress of television dramas Anam Tanveer says that social media is a hoax, followers, likes and comments are bought.

He said that any new girl has millions and millions of followers as compared to Faisal Qureshi, a well-versed actor in dramas. Faisal Qureshi has given 50 years to the showbiz industry, he has had a great career, in fact social media. But most of the artists who don’t get work in dramas and movies are seen, they become social media stars.

Anam Tanveer, an educated actress who has played memorable roles in fashion and dozens of dramas, said in response to a question that the artist has a creative mind, the corona virus has locked him in a cage, I get some benefits due to the corona virus. Well, I’ve spent the last three or four years shooting dramas, coming home just to sleep.

He said that because of the lockdown, he has paid attention to his weight and has reduced it considerably. I think I am still very fat, so I lock the room and dance well during the lockdown at home. Noor’s dance is good and I am a big fan of Madhuri Dixit, I try to dance like her.

How did you come to showbiz after getting a prominent position in MBA? In response to this question, Anam Tanveer said that my parents also ask me why I got higher education if I wanted to be an actress, I got a job in the beginning, I also taught in a university but I have been obsessed with acting since childhood. So he joined the showbiz against the wishes of his parents.

You haven’t signed any movies yet, what’s the reason? 

In response to this question, actress Anam Tanveer said that so far I have been offered to work in many films, famous director and producer Wajahat Rauf offered to work with Mahesh Hayat in the film Chhalwa.

Anam Tanveer said that he does not accept roles in which the margin of acting is low, he wants to work in an action film, he does not consider performance as an item number in films.

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