Why is it important to include these fruits and vegetables in your diet in cold weather?

Why is it important to include these fruits and vegetables in your diet in cold weather?

With the onset of cold weather, the temperature drops and various diseases spread, including colds, flu and coughs. As a result, the body’s immune system is weakened, which requires vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is a special cold fruit pomegranate. Canoe and sangatras are easily obtained. Canoe is a treasure trove of vitamins, which is why this fruit is considered to be useful for skin, hair and eyesight. Improves digestion while playing an important role in regulating the internal and external water of cells.

Vitamin C found in yam, tomato, cane, orange, fruit, strawberry, green pepper, onion, lemon, grapefruit, spinach, potato, beetroot and capsicum dissolves in water and blood. It also helps in the development of our hair and skin. According to a research, Vitamin C helps in restoring the health of stroke patients, controlling blood pressure and keeping it in balance. Vitamin C plays an important role in preventing cholesterol, nervous tension, bone and nail weakness, allergies, dry skin and heart disease. Colds and flu are considered common in winter. Moderate use of vitamin C can prevent colds and flu.

Japanese fruit :

Japanese fruit like tomato is full of many benefits. It starts in the fall and is also available in the winter. Very useful for heart diseases. Controls sugar, accelerates colds, helps with weight loss and boosts the immune system.

Sidebar: The

sidebar looks like a pear. This is a very powerful fruit that is available for a short time. Rich in fiber and vitamin C, this fruit is a treasure trove of energy. It protects against colds, flu and heart disease. Buy one before it’s too late and you’ll have to wait for the next season.

grapefruit :

Grapefruit is a better sour fruit. It contains a lot of vitamin C. This reddish fruit is also rich in vitamins and fiber. Known especially for boosting the immune system, it keeps the gums healthy, helps prevent cancer and improves metabolism.


Canoe is a gift of cold weather with 85% calories while cholesterol is non-existent. Eating at least two canoes a day not only satisfies your daily nutritional needs but is also a great tip to increase appetite in people with weak bodies and children. Frequent use of canoe boosts the immune system. Canoe use can help obese people gain weight. In addition, the skin, nails and hair are significantly enhanced. Similarly, eating canoe has a good effect on vision, canoe peels are also very useful. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Then apply a non-greasy milk or rose liqueur as a mask on your face, hands and feet.


Useful and cheap vegetable like beetroot in winter season gives healthy skin and body by getting rid of vitamin C and anemia. Beetroot can also be cooked and eaten as a salad and curry. Its juice is excellent for treating anemia. Weak people can also use beetroot as a carrot. Applying it on the face by grinding or extracting juice makes the face reddish and fresh.


Lemons are a product of both winter and summer. Lemons rich in vitamin C have innumerable benefits and can be used to control weight. Lemon pickle is as popular today as it was yesterday. Lemons are stored in jars with turmeric, vinegar and salt. Dry the lemon peels and place them in cupboards and kitchen drawers to protect them from earthworms. Use lemons to remove blemishes on the face, prevent freckles and whiten teeth.

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