The weather is changing, beware of diseases

weather is changing, beware of diseases

Nature is changing, we can feel the cold weather. Although it feels a little hot during the day, it feels cold in the morning and at night. It is not too cold or too hot during this time. A fairly nice weather.

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But as the day progresses, the sun begins to heat up. The effects of this hot and mild cold fall most on our body. With the change of seasons, various diseases begin to appear. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during climate change, seasonal changes, and humidity. This fever caused by the change of seasons is mostly viral.

When the virus increases with the change of seasons, these are viral fever, viral rhinitis, sinusitis. And the balance that we have with our body changes here. As soon as there is a change, there is a lot of cough and cold. The body changes with the change of seasons, this is the main reason. So we have to be very careful.

No disease requires more caution

When winter comes, our respiratory diseases increase. Humidity also decreases with the decrease in air temperature in winter, which disrupts the normal functioning of the airways. This makes the virus easier to attack. In addition the amount of dust increases. Cold, dry air narrows the asthma patient’s airways, leading to asthma problems.

In addition, the nose is closed at this time, water is constantly dripping, sneezing. Mild fever, body aches, headaches, body aches, weakness and loss of appetite. It is basically a disease of the upper part of the respiratory tract.

Influenza can also cause a lot of problems at this time. Symptoms of this disease include fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, pain in hands and feet or body aches, etc. If you have influenza, you need to rest without fear, eat nutritious food, drink plenty of water and take vitamin C-rich foods. If you have a sore throat or sore throat, you can get relief by mixing salt in hot water.

Inflammation of the lungs as well as sinuses, ears and tonsils also increases with the onset of winter. In these cases it is better to consult a doctor. In addition, those who have asthma or chronic cough problems such as bronchitis, this weather also increases their suffering.

Many people get skin rashes and skin diseases due to winter dryness. If the winter is very severe, the blood vessels of the heart constrict and heart attack can also occur. At the beginning of winter, mosquitoes are a major nuisance. So beware of epidemic diseases.

You can mix lemon and honey in lukewarm water and eat it. The use of medicinal products like basil leaf juice, ginger juice, bask leaf juice, kalizira etc. can also reduce the symptoms. If the severity of the disease increases, the doctor should be consulted.

Pneumonia is a common disease for children. If symptoms of pneumonia appear, you must seek immediate medical attention. Appropriate measures should be taken as per the advice of the doctor.

Cold water, avoid cold food, cover head, ears and nose with a scarf or muffler when going out, use socks on hands and feet. If you have allergies to any food, it should be avoided. Try to keep your home as warm as possible at home or at work. Also, if you are accustomed to inhalers, keep it with you.

To stay healthy in winter, you must keep in mind these steps to protect yourself from the cold –

1. Absolutely avoid cold foods and drinks. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet, eating raw vegetables, eating fruits rich in vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’ and drinking enough water will help prevent disease and keep the body healthy.

2. Must live a systematic life. Regular and moderate physical activity. Ensuring the cleanliness of your home as well as personal. Practice hand washing, especially after wiping the nose; Wash hands after coming from outside and before coming in contact with food. The dust outside is very annoying at this time. Therefore, it is better to use a mask to avoid outside dust.

3. Avoid smoking. Cigarette smoke increases the risk of shortness of breath and bronchitis. And to ensure a clean living environment by always opening the doors and windows of the house and allowing adequate amount of light and air to enter. Take the influenza vaccine if necessary.

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