Changing, there is no camera in the room!


Changing, there is no camera in the room!

In many organizations it is seen that the employees have to work after certain clothes. And when they returned home, they changed their clothes.

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Again, there is a trial room to see how the new clothes look, fitting-size.

There are no traps in this trial room for girls, so make sure there are no hidden cameras.

Then change clothes. This is because any offensive content may be created with various sensitive pictures and videos captured on hidden cameras in these rooms.

With which you may be harassed.  

That’s why those who use outdoor change rooms should be aware at the beginning.

The way to keep yourself safe. The task is easy, find out:  

 Enter the trial room and take a good look around first

Keep an eye on hangers, grooves in wooden walls 

Notice in the mirror if you see another house or wall on the opposite side, you will understand that there is a problem 

 Knock on the mirror as you knock on the door

 If there is a hollow sound, be careful the hidden camera is watching you 

Touch the finger in the mirror. If there is a distance between the finger and the reflection, you will understand that there is a camera.  

 If you use the trial room to change clothes and wear new clothes,

• But to keep yourself safe, turn off the lights inside

 Change clothes in the light of mobile phone, then look in the mirror when the light is on, how it looks.  

And if you face any kind of problem despite being aware, do not hesitate to call the cyber crime department.  

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