Tiger Sharoof’s action surprised Disha Patani

Tiger Sharoof  Disha Patani

Bollywood actor Tiger Sharoof surprised his friend and fellow actress Disha Patani with his action.

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Tiger Sharoof shared a video on his Instagram account in which he is doing a somersault and kicking 10 feet high in the air. Fans of the actor, including Disha Patani, expressed surprise and liked the video immensely.

With the video, Tiger Sharoof wrote, “10 feet, I think it’s time to raise the roof.”

Tiger Sharoof’s mother Ayesha Dutt expressed her love and affection for the post while Disha Patani described it as incredible and amazing.

Many times in the past, Tiger Shroff has been sharing videos of kicks and somersaults during martial arts and gymnastics practice sessions on social media, which has been well received by fans.

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