Kamranga controls diabetes.

Kamranga controls diabetes

Kamranga is one of the local fruits. It is also cheaper than other fruits. Provides nutrition, works to prevent various diseases. So a simple result can be difficult. Due to adulteration, pollution, uncontrolled living, the body is in disarray. In this situation, it can be difficult to get a result.


Doctors say Kamranga is rich in vitamin B9 folic acid. Which reduces the chances of heart attack. Vitamin C content is higher than mango, grape, pineapple. The amount of iron in Kamranga is more than ripe jackfruit, orange, ripe papaya, litchi, coconut water.

Chutney, jam, jelly made with kamaranga is a must to eat. Kamranga is rich in Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6. Kamranga’s pair match weight to control diabetes, lower cholesterol and relieve hypertension. Not only Kamranga fruit but also Kamranga tree leaves are very beneficial.

It contains ellagic acid, which prevents esophageal cancer. The juice of its leaves and young fruits contains tannins, which help in blood clotting. Great for colds. Relieves constipation. Kamranga brightens hair, skin, nails and teeth. Prevents bruising on the face.

Kamranga should not be eaten on an empty stomach in any way. Kamranga should not be eaten in case of diarrhea. Kamranga is an oxalate rich vitamin C fruit. That is why those who have kidney problems are forbidden to eat Kamranga.

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