Does eating ‘rice’ really increase weight?

Does eating 'rice' really increase weight

Medical experts say that a large number of people are under the misconception that eating rice causes weight gain or it causes other disorders.

According to media reports, a new study has found that eating rice does not cause weight gain or cause other disorders, but if rice is eaten in combination with lentils, beans and vegetables, it Very useful and healthy.


Medical experts say in their research that rice is very important for people who are deficient in vitamin B12, hemoglobin and vitamin D. Rice is the basic and most important food of the people in South Asia, including india, which is widely used.

It is absolutely wrong to say that eating rice makes you gain weight because there is not even one percent truth in it. Consumption of rice increases exercise performance, and it also helps the body absorb the nutrients in the diet. It also plays an important role in contributing.

Experts say that rice plays the role of fiber, is also very useful for the digestive system and relieves constipation. Rice, when used with lentils, contains complete amino acids.

On the other hand, a medical study in Japan found that countries that eat more rice have lower rates of obesity. The study analyzed calorie consumption rates from more than 136 countries and rice meals, as well as body weight data.

Research has shown that countries that eat more rice have lower rates of obesity than Western countries where rice consumption is lower.

The researchers said that this is due to the low fat content of rice and the presence of fiber, vegetable compounds and other ingredients that help keep the stomach full for a long time.

He added that the rate of obesity is increasing rapidly all over the world and eating rice can be an effective habit to avoid it.

However, he also said that it is beneficial to eat rice in moderation, as eating too much of it increases the risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

This study also found for the first time that white rice and pasta contain carbohydrates that protect against obesity, and the frequent use of plain rice helps to protect against obesity.

Research has shown that when a starch-resistant diet is used, the stomach fills up quickly, which means you are unable to overeat.

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