Headaches can increase in winter, these 10 ways can be prevented!

 *Winter has fallen. Many people get colds and headaches at this time. For those who have a headache, the problem gets worse. Sometimes it can be for migraine, sometimes for sinus or sometimes for cold. So many times the elders of the house say, keep your head covered at this time. To keep the throat covered, it is less likely to catch a cold and does not cause headaches or anything like that. But does this rule reduce headaches at all? Let’s find out-

Headaches can increase in winter,

Headaches and winter.

Several studies have shown that the tendency to have headaches or headaches increases in winter. According to the researchers, the sun stays for a short time at this time and the sun does not mean that. This results in a change in atmospheric pressure (barometric). This results in changes in hemodynamics or blood pressure inside the body. Which causes headaches and winter migraines. As well as being very cold, cold air affects the nerves and brain. Which can cause headaches.


Sinuses are an important organ in the body, which helps in air circulation. It is present on both sides of the nose and under the bones of the eyes and across the upper two parts of the eyes. The sinus is an empty cavity or hole. It is attached to the skin from the inside by a skin called mucous membrane or mucous membrane. This mucous membrane can cause sinus blockage at different times due to infection or allergy to it. This time when the blockage is created, when the sinuses cannot breathe, it starts to put pressure on the inside and this causes headaches, pain in the lower part of the eyes. This problem is more common during the change of seasons or winter.

Experts say that as the days get smaller and bigger, there can be a lot of headaches. In winter the days get shorter, the nights get bigger, so the sleep process can change, which can lead to more headaches.

How to get rid of headaches in winter-
1. It has been said before that the elders of the house say to go out on the street with your head covered in winter. They may not all know the scientific explanation but they are right. At this time, if the head and neck are covered with something made of wool or something that cannot get cold, the headache may be less.

2. The neck and shoulder muscles need to be relaxed and relaxed so that the blood circulation in the body is normal. If for some reason you feel extra anxious at this time, then a little exercise or massage of these muscles can help.

3. I need to sleep properly for eight hours every day. In addition, a certain method of sleeping and waking up must be followed.

4. It is better to keep the house warm with heater or something else.

5. Taking steam at least twice a day will keep the sinuses clean, less likely to cause sinus pain.

. If possible, it may be best to massage different parts of the face with a face massage tool. It can also clear the sinuses. The result is no headaches.

. It is better to take a bath in hot water in winter. This keeps the muscles moving. But keep in mind, excessive hot water can make the body worse. As a result, the cold of the water should be removed only and bathing in hot water should not be done for a long time.

. Many people get less thirsty in winter. As a result water intake is reduced. This can cause various problems in the body. Lack of water can also cause headaches. As a result, it is important to keep in mind that drinking water is very important.

9. Yellow mixed milk or ginger tea, this kind of thing is played in winter, it keeps the body warm from inside. As a result, the tendency to catch cold quickly decreases and also helps to increase the body’s immunity.


10. If the headache cannot be prevented even after following all these, then the advice of a doctor must be taken. If someone has a migraine, it is better to consult a doctor before winter.

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