Rakhi Sawant’s amazing revelations

 Rakhi Sawant's amazing revelations

Bollywood celebrity Rakhi Sawant, who lives in scandals, revealed during the current season of the reality show Bigg Boss that the women of her family were subjected to a lot of hardships and they did not have any freedom.

On one occasion, Rakhi Sawant got emotional when she called herself a ‘bad character’.

Rakhi Sawant also got emotional when she was considered a bad character. She said that being a Bollywood dancer, she was not considered to have a good character and her relationship was rejected only because she is a dancer.

Sharing her childhood memories, Rakhi Sawant said that she was not allowed to go to the balcony while the older women of the family were not even allowed to make eyebrows and wax.

Rakhi Sawant surprisingly revealed that she had been hit hard by her uncle once and had received several stitches.

“Just because he works in the film industry, people think he’s not a good character. Is it wrong to be a part of Bollywood or a dancer?”

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