How to set up a clean and tidy house

How to set up a clean and tidy house

How to set up a clean and tidy house

Is your house in disarray again? Managing home and life is a difficult task but not impossible. There are certain ways of living, there are certain principles by which man is called man. In the same way, order and rules are very important in the home, but this can only be possible when the home and the affairs of life are run in an orderly manner. Home is a place where the first thought that comes to our mind is peace and comfort. When a tired person returns home, he wants to see every part of his house clean and tidy. Whether it is a room or a washroom, a kitchen or a drawing room, man seeks comfort everywhere.

Scattered clothes in the closet, clutter in the room, lack of cleanliness in the washroom, scattering of everything in the kitchen, all these indicate laziness and sluggishness, but this clutter also has a negative effect on a person’s life. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Here are some habits you can follow to keep your home clean and tidy.


Keep things in place

Scattering of goods and scattering of things is one of the major causes of disorder in the home. Scattered clothes on the bed, newspapers lying on the table, leaving lipstick or powder open on the dressing table are all signs of irregularity. Fold the clothes in the closet. Put everyday clothes aside and keep invitations, wedding clothes on a separate shelf. Instead of scattering the necessary paperwork, keep it in a folder in a cupboard drawer. Arrange clothes, purses, jewelry and even shoes in their proper place.

Use of boxes

It is a good idea to use boxes to keep things organized. Whether it’s a charger or an earphone, make boxes for everything from nail clippers to hairpins so that things don’t get scattered in drawers. It often happens that when you are in a hurry to go somewhere and you are not able to find the said thing, 15-20 minutes are wasted in the search cycle. Learn to keep things in a box to avoid getting lost or misplaced. Boxes can also have names written on them or things can be placed according to color, such as bangles in a blue box and hairpins in a yellow box.

The importance of clean kitchens

The kitchen is the part of the house where the women of the house are always busy and from this their beauty is also assessed. Keeping the kitchen clean and not scattering things while cooking is also an art that every woman should come to. Avoid removing unnecessary utensils and always keep spice cans in order. From sinks to ovens, everything in the kitchen is important to keep clean. Also, be sure to clean the inside of the cabinets once a week.

Avoid junk

While cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping a home clean and tidy, it is also important to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary items. Sometimes it is necessary and it is also necessary that the stockpile of goods accumulates in the cycle. Whether it is a kitchen or any part of the house, most people pile up rubbish on the roofs of their houses.

In order to keep the house nice, quiet and comfortable, it is also essential to keep only the things that are useful, while it is useless to take care of the old things that are unnecessary and unusable because they are not to be used. Nor is it to be right. So it is best to remove them to prevent clutter and damage to the house.

Daily brushing

Daily sweeping and dusting is very important to keep the house clean. Accumulation of dust and dirt not only makes the house look bad, but also spoils things, such as carpets or other household items.

Don’t let things go wrong

Paint or repair, everything needs protection. We also take care of clothes if they are torn. Similarly, if something in the house breaks down, it is very important to repair it. Try to repair only a small amount of damage, because taking too long can sometimes cost a small amount of money.

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