Are smartphones harmful to our health?

Are smartphones harmful to our health?

Are smartphones harmful to our health?

The use of smartphones has become so common nowadays that we do not even consider when using the phone that perhaps using a smartphone like this can be harmful to us.

Every technology has its advantages as well as its disadvantages but using this technology we ourselves make many mistakes which cause us harm.

Smartphone users need to be made aware of the common mistakes that they often make and that may be affecting their health but they are not noticed.

*Lying in bed before going to bed and using a smartphone for a long time

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Using a smartphone in the dark, the blue light emitted from its screen prevents the growth of the hormone melatonin, which is released inside our body. Melatonin is responsible for the sleep and waking cycle in our body, which is why when If this hormone is not produced, then human sleep will be affected.

In addition, this blue light weakens the eyesight and causes headaches.

*Sleep with your smartphone appreciated

Many of us are accustomed to sleeping with our smartphones under our pillows or with them and this is our biggest mistake.

The smartphone is an electromagnetic transmitter and receiver, which means that it emits radio waves, although it is not yet clear, but research has shown that waves affect the human brain. ۔

It is important to either switch off your cell phone completely or go to bed at bedtime.

*Leaning down to look at the screen

It is now common knowledge that overuse of smartphones can also lead to thumb-related problems with tenosynovitis.

In addition, using a smartphone can lead to another health problem called ‘text neck’, as we use the smartphone with the neck bent, the pressure on our body’s cervical spine over time. As well as growing.

As well as causing neck pain, it also affects the posture of our body. Users of smartphones must make sure that the neck is perfectly straight when looking at the screen.

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