The growing trend of fast food among the youth

The growing trend of fast food among the youth

The growing trend of fast food among the youth

In a rapidly changing world, the popularity of fast food has spread around the world, with Europe and the United States. It has become a favorite food, especially among young people. Nowadays, eating in restaurants has become fashionable. Young people not only enjoy eating fast food with friends but also upload pictures on social media, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and encourage other young people to eat fast food. They are happy to receive comments from friends and acquaintances. ۔ It has now become a status symbol among these young people. Treat your friends or arrange a birthday party, they prefer fast food and consider it a source of pride. The taste of fast food is unique to them.

Due to free home delivery, the trend of fast food is also increasing among the youth. Due to the free home delivery facility, young girls also invite their friends from home. Most of the young people who work long shifts or offices etc., if they do not have food arrangements, they go to the nearby fast food shop Or order and ask.

When the country was locked down due to the corona virus, the youth were confined to their homes, during which time fast food home delivery strengthened their habit. This is promoting unhealthy habits. Its increasing use has completely changed social life. Due to late breakfast and dinner, the social life of the young generation is now confined to hotels instead of home and family. 

Do Obesity is on the rise among young people, especially girls, due to the growing trend of fast food. Strictly control your eating habits if young people want to look smart. Avoid fast food. It is not wise to compromise your health for a few minutes of rest and pleasure. Medical experts also recommend avoiding high-speed fast foods, as they have a high calorie content. For them, the situation is so disturbing that a child or young person whose body is still in the developmental stages should give preference to cold drinks over milk and burgers.

Young people are using it regularly, unaware of the consequences of side effects. Fast food culture is a major threat to the health of our youth. There is a need to spread awareness among the youth and to prevent this it is necessary for parents, teachers and other esteemed members of the society to highlight its disadvantages in the youth and keep it simple and traditional. Encourage meals, especially home-cooked meals. Young people should use fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and various nutritious foods in their daily diet. Make regular exercise a part of your life, because there is no greater blessing than health.

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