FIR for insulting Hindu deities in Tandav web series, strict guard at Saifina’s house!

The name of the latest web series of Amazon Prime, which was named Tandav, did not even imagine that it could come true in such a way!

FIR for insulting Hindu deities in Tandob web series, strict guard at Saifina's house!

Amazon Prime (Amazon Prime) is the name of the latest web series rampage (Tandav) had, he did not imagine such a way that it could be true! Because with this web series, violence has started in the country. BJP MP Manoj Kotak has lodged a complaint with Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar. Ali Abaas Zafar, the director of this web series, Himanshu Krishna Mehra, the producer, Gaurav Solanki, the author of the series, Aparna Purohit, the head of the original content of Amazon India Done in Lucknow. The only complaint is that Hindu gods and goddesses have been insulted in this web series.After making this complaint, a group of government officials watched the series. It has been said that Hindu deities have been insulted in various ways. It has also been said that it has incited casteism and disturbed the peace of the country. There have been many disagreements and protests before about the content of the movie. Padmaavat is one of the examples. A line of the song Aaja Nachle, based on Madhuri Dixit, had to be changed due to the protest. But in a web series where adult content is rampant, there is no such thing as obeying the rules, such a situation is new with a web series!

The campaign has already started on social media with the hashtags Boycott Violence and Ban Violence. Saif Ali Khan is in the lead role in the Tandab web series. Since he has recently shifted to a new home, he has been given separate police security. Another reason is that Saif’s wife Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant. So many people are worried that a group of people may go in front of Saif’s house and create problems. So the Khan family has already been surrounded by security. The FIR has been lodged to the effect that the way the web series Tandob portrayed Hindu deities, the Indian people would not take it well. This may create a riot situation in the country. Central Zone Deputy Commissioner of Police Somen Barma said a team of police from Hazratganj had left for Mumbai to investigate.

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