Mail job offer? These 6 things must be kept in mind to avoid fraud

The fraud is on the rise, says a report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy or CMIE

The fraud is on the rise, says a report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy or CMIE

Unemployment is on the rise in the country, with the country’s young generation suffering the consequences. And by using him, the fraudsters are setting a trap of cheating. The amount of fraud is increasing day by day, says a report by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy or CMIE. According to data released by the agency in December 2020, the unemployment rate in the country has risen to 9.1 percent.

Our country has suffered financially like other countries in the Corona situation. As the economic situation has already deteriorated, it has practically sunk as a result of the lockdown. But after the unlock, the unemployment rate did not decrease.

Several reports say that although the economic situation has improved, there are no jobs in the country. As a result, fraudsters are falling into the trap of financial fraud by using the young generation of the country as a tool. Sometimes giving a job by registering for money, sometimes giving a job bait in another way – this trend is increasing day by day.

And how is this fraud happening?

Fraudsters are creating an e-mail ID just like an e-mail ID created by a company. And from there it is sending mail to those looking for jobs. This is not the end, so that there is no doubt, they are also creating a fake website. As a result, many of those who really need a job are stuck.

In this case, many are giving all their personal information, date of birth, credit card and even home address. Fraudsters are using credit cards with usernames and passwords in multiple places.

What is a phishing attack?

A phishing attack is an attempt to steal someone’s information using electronic communication and deceive them in various ways. Fraudsters do this after first trusting the person concerned. In this case, the information is usually stolen for financial fraud.

How can this type of attack be avoided?

1) Verify the e-mail address

Fraudsters usually mail job offers. It is better to check the e-mail ID before replying to the mail. In this case, the e-mail ID can be checked by going to the Contact Us option by going to the website of the company on which the mail is being claimed.

2) Verify the information using LinkedIn

Now LinkedIn has the option to verify the information. As a result, it is better to find the name of the person who will mail on LinkedIn. Only then will it be understood whether he sent the mail from the original company or not!

3) Read the job offer again and again

The offer letter needs to be read carefully. We should proceed only after reading the whole. If the offer letter mentions good salary, big money increment, then it must be understood that it is fake. And usually a company will never hire you without an exam or an interview.

4) Check the feedback on Google by typing the name of the company

In the same way that feedback is checked before buying clothes or anything, it is better to check the feedback in this case as well.

5) Do not give information until verification

No personal information should be given before verification. There may be danger in this case.

6) Not paying for the job

If you are offered a job by registering for money, it would be wise to avoid it!

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