Why is Sana Khan heartbroken?

Why is Sana Khan heartbroken?

Why is Sana Khan heartbroken?

Former actress Sana Khan, who left showbiz and turned to religion, says that some people are trying to expose her past by making negative videos against her, which has left her heartbroken.

Sana Khan, who tied the knot with Mufti Anas from the Indian state of Gujarat last year, has released a special message on her verified Instagram account.

“Some people have been making negative videos against me for a long time but I have been patient,” Sana Khan said in her Instagram post.

The former Bollywood actress said, “Now a man has made a video in which my past has been exposed and immoral things have been said about me.”

He raised the question, ‘Don’t you know that if a person has repented, it is a sin to make him realize his mistakes again?’

Sana Khan said, “I am heartbroken to see all this. I am very sad.”

“I don’t want to name this person because I don’t want to do what he did to me, but that’s a bad thing,” the former actress said.

“If you can’t help anyone, keep quiet, don’t upset anyone with such comments,” he said.

Sana Khan said that sometimes you repent but there are some people like me in this world who want to go to the past and correct all their mistakes.

Finally, he said, “Please be good and let people change over time.”

It should be noted that Sana Khan, a former Bollywood actress who became famous from Bigg Boss Season 6, had announced to leave the showbiz industry for the sake of Islam before her marriage.

Sana Khan started her career in Bollywood with modeling, dance and acting. She also participated in Bigg Boss Season 6 of 2012 from where she gained fame.

On this occasion, Sana Khan said that now she will spend her life in the service of humanity and in accordance with the commands of Allah Almighty.

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