Indian stars trembled at singer Rehana’s tweet

Indian stars trembled at singer Rehana's tweet

As soon as the American singer Rehana raised her voice for the farmers protesting against the Modi government in India, the Indian movie stars trembled.

It should be noted that the ongoing protests in India have also become the focus of attention of world-renowned celebrities, where one celebrity after another is raising their voices in support of the protesting farmers.

Farmers who raised their voices for their rights are now in the Indian state of New Delhi, where the Indian government has suspended internet service and broken mountains of oppression on them.

When the US broadcaster CNN published a report about the suspension of the internet service, it was retweeted on Twitter by the American singer Rehana from Barbados.

In her message, Rehana asked, “Why aren’t we talking about this?”

Rehana, who has more than 101 million followers on Twitter, spread like wildfire, with some Indians criticizing her and others thanking farmers for their support.

In such a situation, some Indian stars started expressing solidarity with their government and lined up against this actress who has more than 100 million followers.

In his message, Akshay wrote that farmers are an important part of the country, and efforts are being made to solve their problems.

Similarly, the Indian government also issued a statement on the statement of celebrities in an attempt to give a wrong color to the farmers’ protest, which was also retweeted by Bollywood stars.

Apart from Akshay Kumar, filmmaker Kiran Johar, actor Ajay Devgn and Sunil Shetty were also among the celebrities who became instruments of government propaganda after Rehana’s tweet.

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