How does Katrina Kaif stay fit without going to the gym?

How does Katrina Kaif stay fit without going to the gym?

Katrina Kaif exercising has gone viral on social media, showing what exercises she does to keep fit.

Lifelong actress Katrina Kaif’s fitness is well known, she shares information about her fitness and daily routine on the social media platform Instagram, which is well-liked by her fans and followers.

Katrina Kaif also works hard to maintain her fitness which does not require much time, just by adding some exercises in her daily routine, everyone can get fitness like Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif’s heavily paid fitness trainer has shared a video on her social media account for users who want to lose weight and have a beautiful, sedated body.

In the video shared by Katrina Kaif’s fitness trainer, Yasmeen Karachiwala, it can be seen that she is doing 4 ‘High Training Interval’ (HTI) exercises with Katrina Kaif.

Sharing this video by Yasmeen Karachiwala, Katrina Kaif’s exercise routine has also been shared, which exercise she does many times at a time.

It should be noted that HTI exercise means doing strenuous exercise 3 to 5 times after a certain interval.

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