Loving comments on the photo with Kapil Sharma’s daughter

Loving comments on the photo with Kapil Sharma's daughter

Indian comedian and host of popular show ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ Kapil Sharma has shared a beautiful photo with his daughter Anira on which his friends and fans could not stop themselves from writing their loving comments.

He shared this photo with his followers on Instagram, saying good morning to everyone.

In the photo, the couple are waving their hands at the camera while holding their one-year-old daughter in their arms.

In a pink dress, Anira looks very cute wearing big pom pom hair bands, and the remarkable thing about this picture is that the girl is also waving her hand looking at the camera like her father.

The photo received 630,000 likes in less than an hour.

Kapil Sharma show co-star Bharti Singh sent several heart and big emoji based signs to express love to Kapil’s daughter and wrote that my daughter.

Simona Chakraborty commented that Anira is a cutie shop.

Krishna Abhishek was very sweet while his wife Kashmira Shah wrote Adorable.

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