Dharmendra’s sadness upset the fans

A recent tweet from senior Bollywood actor Dharmendra upset his fans. Dharmendra shared a video montage based on his famous film characters made by one of his fans and said that his fans are very simple and innocent.

He further said that he is sad. In this video, Satinder Sartaj’s song Masoomit has been played. To which Dharmendra in his response said that Somaila is not entitled to this unjust desire, innocence of all of you, I laugh but laugh, but I remain sad, ‘

Dharmendra's sadness upset the fans

After reading this tweet, his fans filled him with loving messages and asked him not to be sad, one fan wrote that he will pray that you will be happy and smile. Another wrote, “You are our life and our pride. May the one who showed your heart not have peace.” Another fan wrote, Dharmaji, don’t be sad, we all love you very much.

Dharmendra recently attended the Grand Final of Bigg Boss 14 as a guest. Where host and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan expressed his love and devotion to her and introduced her to all the finalists by dancing in her icon style and welcomed her.

Talking to contestants Rubina Dalek and Abhinav Shukla on the occasion, Dharmaji advised Abhinav Shukla to always love Rubina and never let her go and love her more than Rubina loves him. ۔

Later, Dharmendra tweeted that he is happy to be on the show, the last few moments become fond memories.

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