Special lip care in winter.

Special lip care in winter.

Winter means cracked lips. In winter, the lips become dry all the time. You have to use something like lip gel repeatedly. These give temporary relief to our lips. But does not give lasting relief. But there are many ways to get rid of this dry lip problem in winter at home.

In winter, the lips feel tight first of all. If you are not careful, the skin may rupture and blood may come out. The lips should be nourished from inside the body. Like the skin of the body, the lips also need hydration. So water laziness cannot be reduced in winter laziness. Adequate amount of water, fruits and vegetables should be eaten. It will have lip moisture.

At the beginning of winter, good quality petroleum jelly, coconut oil or glycerin should be applied on the lips and around the lips. For those who are out all the time, they can keep up with Lip Balm or Lip Gel. When the moisture of the skin decreases in winter, the skin becomes dry. So it is possible to keep the skin healthy if you can make some changes in eating habits in winter. At this time the amount of protein as well as vegetables in the food list should be increased.

Sour fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, orange, plum reduce vitamin C deficiency and keep the skin healthy. Many people wet their lips with their tongues every now and then to protect their lips from cracking. This cannot be done. This makes the lips more dry and increases the tendency of the lips to crack. In addition, vitamin E-rich lip balm helps maintain the beauty of the lips and helps prevent chapped lips.

*There are other things you can do to prevent chapped lips-

The use of lipstick should be reduced a little. It is better to use light color, because dark color lipstick makes the lips darker. Good quality lipstick should be used. You can use lip ice instead of lipstick on the lips.

*Use glycerin before or at night to keep your lips fresh.

Keep lips away from soap. Facewash or alkali-free soap can be applied. Keep the inside of the mouth clean, use mouthwash if necessary.

Mix a little lemon juice with milk every day and apply it on the lips.

If the lips are cracked, the skin cannot be removed.

You can mix equal amount of glycerin and lip gel to prevent chapped lips.

Use lip gel or lip balm regularly in winter.

Drink water regularly and eat vegetables, stay healthy, stay happy.

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