Abira took the place of Sunny Leone! The video raised a storm of sexual appeal!

Abira or Sunny! Absolutely like a face. Abira gave an ace to Sunny.

Abira or Sunny! Absolutely like a face. Abira gave an ace to Sunny.

Sunny Leone is a Bollywood name now. He had a name before but in the world of porn. After deleting her name, Sunny is now the busiest heroine in Bollywood. She has three children and works with her husband. Sometimes he is busy shooting, sometimes he is busy in photoshoot. At a time when Sunny had to hurry to get a job in Bollywood, it is difficult for her to get a date now. Sunny Leone recently got into trouble with this date. Tao again with the famous singer Mika Sier. Mika’s fame in Bollywood is all the time. Sunny got involved in a dispute with that Mika.


Mika went to Sunny for her new song. Sunny was asked to be the main character in the music album. But Sunny did not tell Mika on her face. Because he has no empty date. So he can’t work with Mika. Mika got very angry at this. Mika challenges Sunny. Sunny will make a mistake by not working on the video that he will make.

Then Mika started looking for a new face. He was looking for someone who could beat Sunny. Search and find model-actress Abira Singh. Abira looks a lot like Sunny. In some places his expression is better than Sunny’s. Mika launched her new music album with Abira. And it goes viral at storm speeds. With Abira’s application began to be practiced. Everyone keeps saying where this girl has been for so long! Although Abira had already made a name for herself in modeling. This time the audience recognized him anew holding Mika’s hand. Bollywood’s Salman Khan used to find this kind of similar face. Jarrin Khan found trouble with Katrina. He also found a heroine to look like Aishwarya. Although they grabbed Salman’s hand, they couldn’t do much. But they have names. This time Mika Singh walked in Salman’s path.

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