International Women’s Day 2021: Sunny Leone, a victim of repeated discrimination

39-year-old model and actress Sunny Leone once again highlighted that journey on International Women’s Day.

Sunny Leone

Has worked in the pornography industry in the past. Several years have passed. He was not released even after coming out. Even today, his past is a thorn in his side. Even today he has to suffer from various discriminatory behaviors and hatred. However, overcoming all this, he is at the peak of success today. 39-year-old model and actress Sunny Leone once again highlighted that journey on International Women’s Day.

On International Women’s Day, Mojindia has launched the #Unfiltered to express your real self campaign. Sunny Leone has shared her words in that source. Various chapters of Sunny’s life have come up.

In the video, Sunny dances in colorful clothes and shows the obstacles of her life in various funny poses. In the words of the actress, ‘I am a self-made woman’. In other words, he is successful today due to his tireless efforts. Discrimination and hatred have become clear one after another throughout the video. At the age of 21, he has been exposed to a variety of hate mails, obscene comments, criticism of the dance movement, and the politics of the people in the industry. Sunny added that in the opposite situation, he did not get any help from his colleagues or even from his own industry. He was even boycotted at award functions.

He is irresistible in the midst of so many obstacles. In his words, he is living comfortably in the midst of everything. Gave his dream the desired success. Baby Doll has given the best hits of all time in Bollywood. After all, he is at peace with a very beautiful family.

Somewhere in the present life, his past is repeatedly dragged. That should be made clear in Sunny Leone’s speech. Even today, his acceptance in Bali-Para for working in the pornography industry is in question. But the fight continues. Sunny Leone seems to want to say again and again how she has moved from hatred and neglect to acceptance. He is currently a successful businessman. In his words, I am a successful businessman. Has her own make-up business. Many obstacles of the past are almost trivial today. It is clear from the comments and likes that Sunny’s rise has caught the attention of the fans.

Actor Bijay J Anand’s statement in Sunny’s post- Honestly, everyone who knows you as a human being respects you. Get inspiration from you. I am one of them. Proud of your success. Keep fighting. However, the smile on the face should be maintained!

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