Ayushman Kharana’s emotional message in memory of Irfan Khan

Ayushman Kharana's emotional message in memory of Irfan Khan

Leading Bollywood actor and host Ayushman Kharana has paid homage to actor Irfan Khan and said that the actor lives and dies many times.

Actor Ayushman Kharana has written an emotional message for Bollywood legend Irfan Khan by sharing a sketch of Irfan Khan on his Instagram account.

Expressing happiness over the two awards received by Irfan Khan, Ayushman wrote that he would definitely be at peace.

Actor Ayushman Kharana added that it was an honor for him to present the Irfan Khan Award to his son Babil Khan.

About Irfan Khan’s son Babel Khan, Ayushman wrote that I met this attractive young man for the first time, hopefully his future will be bright.

Actor Ayushman Kharana also wrote that we actors are a unique creature, we have our own weaknesses and ideas, we often live and die whether it is stage or real life. But our work always keeps us alive.

Actor Ayushman Kharana is very happy that the late actor Irfan Khan has been awarded two awards at the Lim Fair Awards.

Irfan Khan was given the award for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ for his performance in the film ‘English Medium’.

Irfan Khan was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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