Make refreshing drinks at home in the summer

With the onset of summer, the use of water and beverages increases, while home-made sweet, tasty and cold drinks can be easily used to protect against heatwave, heat and hot sun.

According to medical experts, the intensity of heat causes excessive sweating, which in turn increases the excretion of salts from the human body, leading to irritability, nervousness and fatigue, weakness, dizziness and Indigestion is common, so to get rid of such complaints, keep yourself hydrated, that is, keep drinking water.

Medical experts also recommend various refreshing drinks made from fruits and vegetables, including more water in hot weather, which reduce the intensity of heat and also save a person from many diseases.

The following are some easy home-made drinks:

Lemon water

Lemonade is a popular and popular summer drink. Lemonade is rich in antioxidants, fiber and carbohydrates.

Lemon water is useful for cleansing the blood, improving the immune system and weight loss. Lemon water gives the body a feeling of freshness and energy and brightens the skin, protects against colds and pleasant moods in the heat. Helps to keep.

Coconut water

Coconut water is considered an energy drink that reduces the effects of heat. Experts consider it to be the safest water in the world due to its medicinal benefits.

The use of coconut water after sports activities and exercise is recommended to compensate for the dehydration caused by heat in the human body.

The natural sweeteners and minerals in coconut water reduce heat and protect against disease, and its use in hot weather improves the immune system.

False syrup

False is called the gift of summer, this sweet and sour gift of summer and its juice is refreshing and dissipates the heat, False contains a good amount of antioxidants including potassium, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and fiber. Is present.

False syrup makes up for the lack of water in the body even in hot weather, its use reduces the intensity of thirst and increases immunity against heat.

According to experts, False juice protects against sunstroke.

Raw lassi

Experts recommend the use of raw lassi in the summer, drinking raw lassi in the scorching heat removes heat, it is a drink that makes up for the lack of salt and also removes BP or heat-induced sleep. ۔

Curry syrup

The syrup made from curry is very sour but it does not make you feel hot. It is considered to be an essential drink in the heat for those who go out of the house while it is very easy to make.


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Boil the squash pulp and mash it well.

Now mix ground black pepper, black salt, roasted cumin seeds, roasted celery and salt to taste, now store this powder in an airtight jar.

Put ice in the glass first and then add half a teaspoon of spices and curry pulp and cold water and mix well, mix sugar as required and drink.

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