Half man, half robot! The world’s first ‘Roboman’ is a strange creation

He got the idea to be a Roboman from the science fiction comic character Cybog.
Half man, half robot! The world's first 'Roboman' is a strange creation

There is no need to say anything new about the advancement of technology. Advanced technology has made robots so far. However, robots and humans have not been able to make a robot to this day. This time a scientist did the same. He tested himself remarkably. Became Roboman. That is, half human and half robot.

He has been suffering from a rare disease since 2016. After that, he started working to transform himself into a robot from 2019. Now heโ€™s half human, half robot. At one point he was in critical condition. Divya is the one who is doing all the work now.

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