Be careful! The whole WhatsApp data can be hacked by Netflix

Be careful! The whole WhatsApp data can be hacked by Netflix

Those who have seen the free Netflix Premium app for two months in the Google Play Store need to be careful.

Can you watch Netflix without spending a single penny?

The book could have been so long! Using someone else’s login ID and password! However, due to the huge amount of losses that have to be borne, the company is going to take strict steps with password sharing. As a result, the road is closed. But does the company itself no longer allow users to watch for free?

So far Netflix has offered this facility for only two days. But those who have seen the free Netflix premium app for two months in the Google Play Store need to be careful. Why not, the company is not offering this offer. Giving a cloning app. This means that if you download this app, hackers will steal all your personal information. Even the whole WhatsApp data will be priceless!

This information has recently come up in a blog called Check Point. It is known that the name of this cloning app is FlixOnline. It was removed from the Google Play Store after writing about its activities began. But in total, this app has been downloaded 500 times in different parts of the world.

Apparently the number of downloads is not very high. But the checkpoint is claiming that what happened to the defeat has happened. Why not ask the user for permission to put it on top of all the apps after downloading this app. Users are also agreeing to watch Netflix for free. And after that the destructive activity is starting!

Why not, this app is generating various fraud login screens in the next step. And all the personal information in the user’s phone is going to be in the hands of this app, especially WhatsApp is being targeted, not to mention the bank information. As well as telling users to avoid battery optimization. Based on that formula, FlixOnline is doing its job by showing a thumbs up to Android’s battery and memory optimization service.

Not only this, at the same time this app is also replying to WhatsApp messages by itself! Sending various links to other people in the user’s WhatsApp. The movement of this app is also active on other people’s phones based on those links and text. All in all, FlixOnline has not yet been able to calculate exactly how much damage it has done. However, the investigation is ongoing. And on that basis, the blog has appealed to be careful if you see this app.

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