4 secrets of beauty using green coriander … Learn how to use green coriander to enhance your beauty.

4 secrets of beauty using green coriander … Learn how to use green coriander to enhance your beauty.

Whether it’s rashes or blemishes on the face, blackheads or freckles, and your skin is dry or oily, find out how much green coriander has magical properties for all skin types.
Have you ever wondered how useful green coriander is added to garnish on biryani or other dishes? Its fragrance is so strong and pungent that it makes it fragrant in whatever it is used for. The most important component of its properties is that it is antiseptic and disinfectant.

What changes does the use of green coriander cause in your skin?

Today we will tell you how important it can be to enhance your beauty if you continue to use this herb.
* Green coriander contains antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamin C which make your skin soft and supple as well as brighten the cells in it by removing oxidative stress.
* Its use activates the cells of your face and thus it also acts as an anti-aging.
* It accelerates the blood flow in the skin, which makes the skin of the face elastic and shiny.
* If your skin is oily or dry, if you chew green coriander daily in the morning, your
skin will wake up again, the radiance of your face will return, and all the spots and blemishes will be saved. * Using it will also make the lips pink.
Prepare 4 different masks to apply on the face with green coriander

* Green coriander and aloe vera

If fresh green coriander is ground and mixed with aloe vera and applied on the face, it will remove freckles and fine lines will disappear.

* Green coriander and lemon juice

If you grind green coriander and add lemons to it and apply a mask on your face, it will eliminate blackheads and remove blemishes.

* Green coriander, yogurt and honey mask

If you make a paste by grinding green coriander and mixing one teaspoon of yogurt and honey in it and apply this mask on the face, it will calm the skin cells, its use will make it glow and soft and smooth skin will be obtained. 

Health benefits of using green coriander:

* It has anti-fungal properties, ie if there is or is going to be fungus anywhere in the body it prevents it.
* The antimicrobial element in green coriander can also be used to treat eczema.
* Eating green coriander removes chest irritation and also if any part of the body is burning, it is relieved by grinding it.

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