A large number of Americans want The Rock to be the country’s president

A large number of Americans want The Rock to be the country's president

Hollywood superstar and famous wrestler Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) wants to be the president of a large number of Americans.

According to foreign media, a research company conducted a poll in which 46% of people expressed positive feedback in support of Dwayne Johnson. 29% of American adults support The Rock’s full presidency, while 17% say they would support his campaign.

Dwayne Johnson also shared the results of the research company’s poll on his Instagram account and expressed his happiness and wrote in a humorous way that I do not think that the founders of our country would have ever thought that a pickup truck driver is 6 feet 4 inches tall. A bald man with tattoos on his body will join our club.

The Hollywood superstar added that if that ever happened, it would be an honor to serve you.

Dwayne Johnson’s message was liked more than 5.5 million times on his account and thousands of people wished him well, with several people already promising to vote for ‘The Rock’ in the comments section. did it.

This year, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), expressing interest in a future US presidency, linked his decision entirely to the will of the people.

Dwayne Johnson had said that he would make this decision based on the decision of the people. It will depend on the people so I will wait and listen.

Reacting to Dwayne Johnson’s interest in the US presidency, the legendary wrestler The Undertaker, who recently retired from wrestling in the United States, said that Dwayne Johnson could unite the American people.

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