The treasure of power hidden in bananas

The treasure of power hidden in bananas

The treasure of power hidden in bananas

Banana is a fruit that has come to give you health and strength. It is a real fruit for you that can change your life. It can be used in any kind of food and drink anytime anywhere if you have your children Even if you are trying to get rid of milk, this is the best and most complete food for your baby. If you want to make an instant energy drink for yourself, then mix milk in banana, blend it, take it and your energy-filled drink is ready. 

It is also a perfect fruit for picnics and parties etc. It is easy to peel and it does not spoil your hands and feet, it is easy to use, it is easy to use anyway due to its nutrition. in the same place it in a potassium overdose which it now does the lack of bcatahy iodine disease, does strengthen phtun more solid nutrition, and water always at

*the best of your heart Friend
If it is called Potassium Super Fruit, it will not be out of place. Banana is very useful in reducing high blood pressure. It also protects against stroke and heart attack. Doctors recommend not only salt (sodium) to control blood pressure. In addition to potassium, bananas also contain fiber, vitamin C and B6, which are good for heart health. 

*A source of healthy energy
You may have noticed that whenever you eat a banana, you feel strength and energy inside you. That is why people who value their beauty and fitness should take two bananas before their gym and workout. They like to eat so that their energy does not decrease while working out and their blood sugar level increases. Eating banana does not cause muscle spasms or burns during workout. Also, people who sleep at night If the vein gets swollen, that complaint also goes away.

*Happy fruit
Banana also relieves your depression and helps you to be happy. Because it contains tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter to make the mood pleasant, so you can eat banana to improve your mood. This is because this fruit raises your blood sugar level and relieves your stress. In addition, pregnant women who wake up in the morning and feel unwell and ill also benefit from eating bananas. Getting the right amount of potassium

*to relieve stress
keeps your heart rate right and because it keeps your brain getting oxygen. Keeping your body’s water balance right also helps keep your digestive system right. It also lowers your stress levels and makes you feel better.

*Make yourself dynamic and smart
Eat a banana before going to a test or presentation. Potassium levels in bananas keep you alert, fast, active and smart. Your thinking ability improves and you are ready to do your best. Become

*The best protectors for your stomach are
the pectin in peanuts and the digestive enzymes in your body. When it bothers you, banana cures them in both cases. It not only improves your digestion but also protects your electrolytes. As a natural prebiotic and antiseptic, banana also protects bacteria. And prevents stomach ulcers and heartburn and acidity.

If you want to lose weight but you can’t control your cravings for sweets, then come to the sweetness of bananas. That is, you can satisfy your cravings with bananas. Due to this your digestion slows down a bit and as a result you do not feel hungry again and again and the demand for food decreases.

Sharp eyesight
As a major source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, bananas keep the cornea of ​​your eye clean and your eyesight clear. Eating it makes your eyesight sharper. Nature has hidden all the nutrients. It is a cheap fruit that is within the reach of everyone (except Ramadan). It is an important fruit for our physical health, the main nutrients of which prevent cancer. Large amounts protect against colon cancer. Iron in it makes up for the lack of hemoglobin in the body. Calcium in it strengthens bones. Eating banana keeps the body cool in summer and also in case of fever. It lowers body temperature. It can be said about banana that it is a reward for us from nature. Its rich nutrition eliminates energy deficiency in the body and gives it health and fitness.It is a popular fruit for both rich and poor, so it is said that banana is not the food of monkeys.

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