Do you also eat fast during Iftar? Know that you do not have this problem

Do you also eat fast during Iftar? Know that you do not have this problem

Didn’t eat anything all day because it was fasting, it was respectful, as soon as the iftar was over, the plates of the filled food plates were eaten and the iftar was done in such a way that they ate and drank before the time?
In every house, one or the other person breaks the fast in such a way that he eats without beating and eats so fast that the people in front of him are still putting things on the plate and he gets up quickly after eating and drinking everything. If there is a similar situation in your homes, sir! Be aware that this hasty meal can make you or your family fat faster.

According to a study by the British Research Journal for Obesity and Effects:

“In the state of fasting, the human body emits certain rays which strengthen the stomach, including the heart, brain and liver, but when it comes time to break the fast and people eat a lot of food in a hurry or use more oily items. If you do, a layer of the stomach begins to swell rapidly and this food accumulates in it, because the complete process of chewing food is not completed in a hurry, so the food accumulates in the layer and causes the body to swell. Therefore, you
must eat a lot of items in Iftar, but eat with satisfaction, pause, rest so that the body also gets strength and you can also avoid obesity.

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