If you are bothered by foot odor, don’t worry anymore, try these simple recipes

If you are bothered by foot odor, don’t worry anymore, try these simple recipes

Sweating is caused by sweating and sweating causes bacteria to form in the feet and we start to smell bad. If your feet smell, don’t worry because today we will help you to get rid of it easily. Prescriptions will tell.

Foot Cleaning: Washing
your feet thoroughly with soap and water will not help. The main goal is to kill bacteria and lifeless skin cells. Clean, exfoliate by rubbing well with a brush or small towel from toes to heels. Use antibacterial soap instead of regular soap. Dry thoroughly after washing. Be sure to dry the area between the toes.

Baking soda and baby powder:
Sprinkle baking soda or baby powder well inside the shoes. Both of them eliminate the boko of shoes. This method is very simple and can be done at home without any difficulty.

Bleach: Take
3.8 liters or 16 cups of lukewarm water per gallon. Mix two tablespoons of bleach, wash your feet for ten minutes. Do it daily for seven days. Note: If your feet start to dry out with bleach, massage with baby oil. You can also use a mixture of bleach and water for your shoes. Rinse the shoes thoroughly in the mixture, wash and dry with clean water after half an hour. Hand Sanitizer

: Take
a small hand sanitizer and apply it on your feet. This will kill the germs on your feet and stop the growth of bacteria. Buy a good quality sanitizer, dry your feet after use.

lemon :
Take a pot, put lukewarm water in it and add a lemon juice. Now soak your feet for fifteen minutes. You can also add five drops of mint oil instead of lemons. After removing the feet, dry them. Its use will completely eliminate foot odor.

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