If you do not have a deep night snack? Because of this, but there is a disturbance in the office, says the new survey!

A study published in Applied Psychology says that eating unhealthy foods at night can have an effect on work the next morning.

North Carolina: As the saying goes, lifestyle tells you how healthy you are. Eating and drinking, sleeping habits, walking, all these things depend on how a person will be and how long his body will be good. So the doctors said to look at the lifestyle. These include eating and drinking on time, emphasizing healthy eating, and so on. But in such a fast paced life and career pressure, it is often not possible for us to adhere to the right lifestyle. And from there multiple problems are created. Which affects physical health as well as mental health.

In the pursuit of work, many have to stay up late for work. Many people still have the habit of waking up at night. As a result, they try to stay refreshed by eating a little snack at night. In many cases, many people eat snacks after dinner. Which is not good for the body. According to a new study, not only the body, but also the work world can be affected by this habit. Performance can be affected.

A study published in Applied Psychology says that eating unhealthy foods at night can have an effect on work the next morning. “For the first time, we show that there is a link between healthy eating and career,” said Seonghi Sophia Cho, author of the study and an assistant professor at North Carolina State University.

He added that eating habits, as well as sleep, have an effect on physical activity. But no one ever sheds light on these little things. As a result, if there are problems at work, many people do not find the real problem. According to Cho, although some people value sleep or exercise, they do not pay attention to unhealthy eating habits. As a result, the problem is much more.

Repeatedly the researchers of this study proceeded with this study on two questions. One, do unhealthy foods and eating habits affect our workplace? And the second is, if so, how?

For this survey, 96 full time employees were selected on whom this survey was conducted. Everyone is an American. Each of them is given a question paper, which they fill up three times a day for 10 consecutive days. The list of questions included questions about physical and mental health, as well as how much emotion there is at work.

Besides, they also know how the day’s work went and what food habits they have after returning home or after finishing their dinner.

As can be seen, unhealthy foods create stomach problems, which in turn can lead to digestive problems. And it can make you feel irritable or upset, or even feel uncomfortable all day long. Which can create problems in the workplace.

As a result, good food at night and good food in the morning, can get rid of this problem.

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