Sit down and lose fat! At this time of day, the body activates itself and sheds calories, says research

Even if you sit quietly with your arms and legs folded without doing anything, the body goes on its own and reduces the excess fat.

Looking at a wristwatch or a wall clock, we understand the time and do things like that. We also have an internal clock inside our body. This clock inside the body is called the circadian rhythm. Basically this watch has been fitted in the body from the time of birth so we can understand when we are hungry, when we are sleeping and so on. 

Not only this, with the help of this body clock you can do wonders when and how much excess fat you need to shed. Even if you sit quietly with your arms and legs folded without doing anything, the body goes on its own and reduces the excess fat. Surprising to hear, but recent research has said so.

The study, published in the journal Current Biology, found that 10 percent more fat was lost in the mid-afternoon and early afternoon than at other times of the day. Many people take a little jiriye after eating and drinking at noon. The effect of rice often comes across the eyes. After that, there is no need to feel guilty. Because the body will become active by itself without losing sleep and will lose fat.

This study has shown with special emphasis how this circadian clock works in regulating metabolism. And that’s why those who don’t sleep well at night or those who can’t sleep at night for night shifts gain more weight quickly than others.

To assess metabolic rate changes throughout the day, regardless of metabolism levels, dietary habits, and sleep patterns, the scientists monitored seven participants a month in a laboratory where there were no windows or clocks. Participants were not allowed to use any phone or internet and were given a schedule of when they would go to bed, when they would wake up and eat. Each night, participants went to bed four hours later than the previous night. Due to which the internal clock of the body could not keep its own rhythm. In this case the watch leaves it on the body without relying on anything else. This allows researchers to measure the rate of metabolism at different biological times of the day.

It has been observed that the least amount of calories is lost from the body at night. But the level of calorie burning in the afternoon or afternoon has increased a lot.

This study was done on a small scale but the results showed how circadian rhythm affects metabolism. Not only does everyone try to lose weight, the study suggests maintaining a general schedule to maintain overall health.

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