If Blood Pressure Is Not High — A Way You Can Check Your Blood Pressure Temporarily Without The Machine

If Blood Pressure Is Not High — A Way You Can Check Your Blood Pressure Temporarily Without The Machine

If you are alone at home and suddenly your heart beats faster and your head becomes heavy, then the first thought that comes to mind is that there is some kind of change in the blood circulation which is causing these symptoms. ۔ But in this case, going out of the house to check blood pressure can not be safe in any case. Because there is a fear that if you go out of the house in this condition, you may fall down and get injured in case of dizziness. In this case, you must know how to check your blood pressure yourself without any instrument –

*What is blood pressure?

The human heart works like a pump that beats regularly and pumps about five liters of blood a minute into the body. This process requires a blood pressure to continue. This pressure is called blood pressure. ۔ When the heart contracts to pump blood, this pressure is called systolic pressure, which should have a normal reading of 120. Similarly, when the heart is in a normal state, this pressure is called diastolic pressure, which has a normal reading of 80. However, if it is below this normal range, it is called low blood pressure, while if it is high, it is called hypertension. The reading is usually done with the help of a blood pressure instrument but it can also be checked without the instrument.

*How to check blood pressure without instrument

Without the instrument, a person can check their blood pressure with the help of their pulse movement, which can be done in this way.

*Put your finger on your wrist

This way you can only check your systolic pressure by placing your index and middle finger on the wrist where you can feel the pulse.

*Feel the pulse

Then feel your pulse for ten seconds and count it. For example, if the pulse rate is 7, multiply it by 10. This way you will have a heart rate of one minute. A healthy heart beats 60 to 100 times a minute.
If the pulse is clearly felt, it means that the blood pressure is normal, while if the pulse is not felt, it means that the blood pressure is low.

*Check again and again

This way you can check your blood pressure with your pulse rate without a blood pressure machine and also note any changes in it. But remember that it can only tell about systolic pressure and you have to rely on the machine for complete information.

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