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The second wave of corona is going to be more terrible. The number of daily corona attacks in the country has already crossed 2 lakh. Experts believe that the only precaution to avoid this is to rely on it. Masks, sanitizers should always be a companion. Experts say that those who have low immunity are easily overwhelmed by Kovid-19. Symptoms may not appear after the corona virus has entered the body. The presence of corona is detected within two to three weeks. This is when the corona virus can spread the most.

The initial symptoms of the five colds and coughs are not very different from the corona virus. Sore throat, headache, sneezing-coughing, body aches are also common. But in the case of corona, the fever will increase a lot, the body temperature may rise to 103-104. Sore throat will increase. Dry cough and shortness of breath, however, is a matter of concern
Diarrhea, loss of sense of smell, loss of taste in food, and pink eyes are some of the new symptoms of corona infection.

Experts say that sore throat is a new symptom of covid. Experts said that there are problems like sore throat and itching.
Fatigue-fever feeling, whether there is a sore throat, the doctors were saying to take care before. This time many more unfamiliar symptoms are seen. None of which were last time.

Having muscle pain. After a few days, it may have increased a little. Nausea may also be a symptom of corona. Such information has come up in various studies recently. The color of the tongue suddenly changes when the corona is affected by a new strain. Usually, the tongue changes shape when the disease settles in the body. This is also the case. As well as feeling the problem inside the mouth.

Irritation on the tongue. Problems are being created on the skin when the new strain is affected. Beware of sores on the cheeks inside the mouth, sores on the lips. Not because of a lack of vitamins, you may have coronary heart disease. The inside of the mouth is gradually drying? Dry lips and going to the fee? Throat is becoming dry wood frequently? If so, your coronary heart disease is not going to be ruled out.

If you have any other symptoms along with whooping cough, get a blood test immediately and consult a doctor.

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