What foods should be avoided at breakfast?

What foods should be avoided at breakfast?

We all know how our eating habits go bad in the month of Ramadan, we intend to stop eating fried dishes every time but in Iftar our intention is broken, any of our Iftar fritters and It doesn’t go without samosas, while prathas and lassi are an integral part of our diet at dawn.

The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to eat healthy food, to ensure that you do not feel cheap all day, you need to eat a proper and healthy food at dawn.

Here we will tell you about the foods that you should avoid eating at dawn so that you can spend the month of Ramadan in good health.

Non-vegetarian foods:

White flour:

Anything made from white flour can cause gas in our stomach, so avoid pasta, white bread and things that contain white flour. Instead, you can use red flour and oatmeal for sehri, it will not cause you problems like gas and will also give you energy while fasting.

Fried food:

Foods high in fat and sodium will make you feel more thirsty and sweaty, which will make your body feel dehydrated, so eat fried foods and high-fat foods at breakfast. Avoid and use less oil in your diet. Doing so will make you feel less thirsty while fasting and will not increase your cholesterol.

Canned Fruit Drinks:

Canned fruit drinks should be avoided at breakfast because fruit juices contain high levels of artificial sugars, which can cause your blood sugar to rise sharply. It is best to use yogurt, lassi and a milkshake instead of these drinks at breakfast.

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