How to get rid of blackheads.

If you have trouble getting rid of blackheads, use bananas in the prescribed way and get clear skin

Everyone likes facial beauty and skin beauty and for this we all use different tips every day. Some women wear face masks and other face packs daily so that their beauty is not diminished. Come on, but if you have blackheads on your face, your beauty will fade, just like when you take them out, and when they are removed, there will be thick spots on the skin, which cause a lot of pain, and in fact, blackheads are dust and dead. Formed by the accumulation of cells inside the skin, removing them cleanses the inside of your skin. Learn how you can get rid of blackheads.


Crush the two nails well with a fork.
Then add a teaspoon of honey and mix well.
Add two tablespoons of lemon juice and barley flour, then mix well to make a creamy paste.
Now leave it on the face for twenty minutes.
When dry, wash your face with plain water and apply coconut oil.
Blackheads will also go away and the skin will remain tight, use this tip twice a week or it has no side effects daily.

*Why the benefit?

Carbohydrates, 16 Proteins, Fats, Fiber, Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin Series (Vitamins B, One B, B-6, B-2, B9 and B5) Is found.

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