Easy treatment of male problems in Ayurveda

Easy treatment of male problems in Ayurveda

Easy treatment of male problems in Ayurveda

Just as women have hidden illnesses, so do hidden illnesses in men put them to the test.

Unfortunately, men do not consult a standard and reputable physician to treat their problems. They use a variety of medicines from non-standard hospitals that open everywhere. This not only increases their problems but also their strength and health.

The most common problem in male masail is infertility. In addition, there is drowsiness, premature ejaculation and sores and swelling on the genitals. Ayurveda has a simple treatment for male problems but the main condition is to treat it with caution and consistency.

1. Herbs are used in Ayurveda but the quantity and method of use of these herbs are different for each patient
. In Ayurveda, massage of the whole body along with the genitals is also considered as a cure for all hidden ailments. Herbal oils are used for massage.

۔ Meditation and doing yoga is one of the basic stages of healing.
۔ The use of tobacco, alcohol and all kinds of drugs with treatment is prohibited.
۔ In Ayurvedic treatment, hot, bitter and spicy foods are avoided
. It uses ghee, milk, lentils, fruits and sweets to treat male problems.

1. According to Ayurveda, if a person suffers from anger, hunger, thirst, stress or any disease, it has a direct effect on the male reproductive organs, so having sex with such a problem can make a man feel dizzy, gas. There are complaints of erectile dysfunction
۔ People who suffer from any kind of male problems should not drink hot milk at night, should not lie down on their backs, should sleep on a crotch. And while sleeping, one should take a bath with his hands or face with lukewarm water. Those who are in need should drink lukewarm milk three hours before going to bed.

Easy Treatment
There are many causes of masail problems, the most common of which are bad company and having sex with many women. In addition to this, depression, use of wrong drugs, aging, smoking and heart diseases are included. Along with the treatment, many home prescriptions, herbs can be used to easily treat male problems.
Ayurvedic medicines in particular are very useful in treating problems that have almost no side effects. These medicines and home remedies are directly helpful in eradicating the root of the problem.

1. Aas Vagandha
Two grams of Aas Vagandha powder is enough for the whole day. Patients with high blood pressure and heart disease should use this medicine on the advice of a doctor

. Asparagus
Asparagus is a treatment for male infertility. It increases the quantity and quality of sperm. This herb is used by both men and women. Using this herb on a daily basis creates magical power in men.

This herb contains many minerals and organic compounds, the most common of which is folic acid, which increases sperm and male hormones. A dose of 5 to 7 grams of shalajit can be taken in a day.

۔ Glass
is an effective herb for physically weak men. It relieves stress, irritability. With the use of this medicine, protein reaches the penis of men, which keeps the sperm alive for a long time.

۔ Makhana
Makhana is very useful not only for cold women but also for men. Eating butter by frying it in ghee and soaking it in milk strengthens the body and provides essential proteins and fats to the body.

۔ Those
who have premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction should eat dates daily in the morning. Soaking dates in milk increases its nutrition.

۔ Milk:
Eat a banana for breakfast with ten hot ghee and drink milk from the top. It will increase male potency.

۔ Soak
wheat in water for 12 hours, then wrap it in a thick cloth and keep it for 24 hours. In this way, its sprouts will come out in 36 hours. Eat these sprouted wheat without cooking.

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