Haniya Aamir took to Instagram

Haniya Aamir took to Instagram

Khobro actress and model Haniya Aamir is now on Instagram after the world of acting.

The number of followers on Haniya Amir’s verified account on social media site Instagram has reached 4 million.

Following the increase in the number of Instagram followers, Haniya Aamir has also joined the list of Pakistani actresses who are very popular on social media.

If you look at Haniya Aamir’s Instagram account, she currently has 1,511 Instagram posts, including her own photos, videos and information about various projects.
In addition, Haniya Aamir has followed only 334 users from her Instagram account, including their loved ones and relatives.
It may be recalled that Aiza Khan topped the list of popular actresses on Instagram with 8.6 million Instagram followers, followed by Ayman Khan with 8.4 million followers on Instagram and the third most popular actress on Instagram. Mahira Khan has 7.5 million followers on Instagram.

On the other hand, Haniya Aamir had said in her recent Instagram post that she does not think that she is from a generation that believes that celebrity needs to be out of reach to become a star.

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