How to control sugar

How to control sugar

How to control sugar

If you are also bothered by injecting insulin, then eat it in the prescribed manner and control your sugar.

Diabetes is a disease that quietly licks the internal organs of the human body like termites and if it is not detected in time, it can lead to blindness and serious problems like kidney failure. May have to One out of every four people in india suffers from diabetes and this number is increasing.

Diabetics are more inclined to eat sweets but sugar is strictly forbidden as it is a major cause of increased insulin. Be sure to use medication but try to control sugar through diet as it will not have any side effects on your health and sugar will also come under control.

What will help control sugar?
* Mouthwash: Mouthwash contains a large amount of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus which helps in controlling sugar.

Put the mushrooms on the stove for 15 minutes and fry them well. As soon as they turn brown, reduce the heat of the stove and let them cool for a while by placing them in a plate and then in a bottle. Using one or two roasted mouthwash at any time of the day can lower your sugar. Also, if you drink a glass of milk after eating it, it will also give strength to the body and help the blood to grow.
* Eating fried foods with ghee also controls sugar, but for this you should use less ghee and when you eat it, put a little cumin powder on it and eat it. This will not cause the body to complain of high cholesterol and will not raise sugar.

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