It is imperative to avoid these habits during Ramadan

It is imperative to avoid these habits during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan passes very fast every year and during this time there is no time to adjust oneself to the month of Ramadan and improve one’s routine and this month is over, so it is important to plan for Ramadan. And it can be made more beneficial by getting rid of some harmful health habits.

During the month of Ramadan, most of the sleep times are bad which affects the whole routine, most of the people in the month of Ramadan look tired all the time while this problem can be solved with advance planning. Is.

This month of Ramadan can be spent easily and happily by avoiding a few habits, just prepare yourself mentally so that the following habits are not repeated during this month.

*Waking up all night, going to bed immediately after sehri or iftar

Sleeping immediately after any meal is forbidden by medical experts. It is considered a harmful health habit for human health. This habit is more harmful in Ramadan because our body eats a lot. It takes a long time to digest and absorb into the human body. This habit can lead to indigestion, gas, heaviness and fatigue, further weight gain and heart disease. May fall

*Increase caffeine consumption

Some people use coffee or tea to keep themselves fresh or awake until dawn. Excessive consumption of caffeine during Ramadan can be harmful, experts say. Drinking too much coffee or tea can damage the human body. Safe water is lost and a person can become dehydrated very quickly.

*Consume lots of poultry and sweet drinks

Experts recommend the use of minimal amounts of fat in all cases. During Ramadan, only two meals a day, when poultry foods are suddenly started, the body system becomes unbalanced, which As a result of rising blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels, fasting can get sick very quickly.

Plain or lemon water should be preferred during Iftar, while drinking cola drinks and too many sweet drinks can have harmful effects on health.

*Don’t stay active

Not keeping oneself active or walking during Ramadan is a harmful health habit. Exercise has double the benefits during the month of Ramadan, while above all, one feels active and alert and eats easily. Digests, improves gastrointestinal function.

*Fasting without breaking the fast

It is very difficult for everyone to get up at dawn, but it is not a good habit to fast without breaking the fast. Getting up at dawn and fasting after breaking the fast is a healthy practice. Works well

*Take a walk immediately after Iftar

According to experts, this habit is not appropriate. The fasting person eats food after several hours, as a result of which the body needs rest and the stomach needs time and rest to digest the food, walking or exercising immediately after breaking the fast. In case of, the stomach stops working and this can affect the gastrointestinal function and become unbalanced.

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