Amazing benefits of breaking the fast with lukewarm water

Amazing benefits of breaking the fast with lukewarm water

According to medical experts, the use of lukewarm water is considered to be very beneficial for overall human health.

Scientific research has also shown that the use of hot water has many health benefits. Hot water dilates the arteries of the heart and the narrow blood vessels in the body, which improves blood circulation and balances blood pressure. Improves body function.

Medical experts say that if you use hot water continuously for a month keeping a close eye on your health and beauty, you will be amazed at the amazing health and skin benefits it will bring. You will be forced to use hot water even if you want to.

While medical experts recommend avoiding poultry and overeating during Ramadan, the many benefits of breaking the fast with hot water are also lost.

About 15 to 16 hours after suhoor, when it is time for iftar, it is a very precious time to know what we are eating and drinking during this time, after hours of hunger if the first glass of lukewarm water is taken. Get rid of many complaints later.

If you break your fast with hot water, you will lose weight, increase the health of your heart, kidneys and lungs, and your skin will be clean and beautiful. You will feel strong and energetic. Disappears

In case of breaking the fast with lukewarm water, the internal organs of the human body become active immediately and also helps in the elimination of harmful substances present in the body.

Here are some of the positive health effects of breaking the fast with lukewarm water:

Digestive system is often bad during Ramadan, due to less water consumption during sehri and iftar and more consumption of unhealthy foods, drinking hot water improves the function of large and small intestines, constipation Also gets rid of and drinking hot water during Iftar makes the food easily digested.

According to a study, the first benefit of drinking hot water is weight loss.

Hot water stays in the stomach longer than cold water, which makes the stomach feel full for a long time.

Hot water speeds up the body’s metabolism which leads to weight loss, hot water also helps to break down fat cells.

Fasting with hot water reduces mental and physical muscle tension, according to a study, drinking hot water or milk significantly reduces mental and nervous tension.

According to medical experts, instead of drinking sweet and cold drinks during Iftar, lukewarm water can be used with lemons.

Lemons contain a large amount of alkaline which helps to balance the ‘pH’ in the human body.

Lemon water also removes harmful ingredients from the body which makes a person feel refreshed and light.

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