What is it like to drink tea in the morning?

What is it like to drink tea in the morning?

Ramadan is a blessed month in which every house is well organized, including prayers, Sehri and Iftar, but during this one month, man has been in trouble due to changing his eating and drinking habits as compared to 11 months and some of his own mistakes. It is necessary to get rid of it.

Sweet foods and tea are often consumed at home during sehri. According to experts, tea or coffee contains caffeine, which helps to expel water from the body and increases the risk of dehydration. Is.

According to nutritionists, nutritious yogurt or yogurt-lassi should be used during sehri, including low-salt, spicy, cold-effective foods. Yogurt contains a large amount of protein, so its use should be avoided. There is no hunger and the amount of water in the body is safe.

According to nutritionists, tea and coffee are among the beverages that cause your body to dehydrate quickly.

If you want to avoid hunger and thirst throughout the day, then instead of using tea and coffee during sehri and after iftar, you should make maximum use of curd milk, curd and plain water.

In the same way, using plain water and lemon water instead of cold drinks or sweet soda drinks while decorating the Iftar tablecloth is very beneficial for health.

Here are some useful tips to avoid the intensity of thirst during fasting:

During the summer fast, it is difficult to avoid the heat of the sun in hot areas, but the solution to the problem is to avoid the heat as much as possible during the fasting period. High temperatures cause sweating, resulting in dehydration. If thirst occurs and thirst increases, try to reduce the amount of work you do outside during the fast or in the sun and protect yourself from the heat as much as possible.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is not only good for health but it also keeps the body hydrated. Some fruits and vegetables contain plenty of water such as spinach, carrots, gourds, lentils and mint. It is beneficial to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to prevent thirst.

During Ramadan, be sure to include at least half a teaspoon of chia seeds or balanga seeds in drinks, such as yogurt lassi, lemon water, tamarind aloe vera syrup and mint and tamarind syrup, etc., using balanga seeds. Appetite is reduced and a feeling of freshness is maintained.

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