Covid-19: Different rescue masks and their differences

The use of masks to protect against corona virus has become a part of daily life. Although medical experts consider masks and social distance to be the only way to prevent corona until widespread immunizations are achieved, there are still many misconceptions about wearing masks. For example:

* How safe and effective is the mask to protect against the virus?

* When and where is the mask needed?

* How to use the mask properly?

The following is a list of the most common types of masks available in the market.

Cloth mask

According to medical experts, the mask helps to protect a person from the corona virus on a large scale. Many people think that cloth masks do not provide protection, but in fact cloth masks are also effective in protecting against the corona virus. The cloth mask obstructs the nose and mouth, making it difficult for the virus to spread during coughing, sneezing and talking.

Various studies have shown that masks do not allow large particles of the virus to touch the face indirectly, which is why states around the world are urging their citizens to wear masks.

Many women make their own masks.

Under the corona epidemic regulations in Pakistan, masks must be worn when entering open areas, especially all public and private offices. It is also advisable to wear a simple cloth mask or scarf on your face as they definitely reduce the risk of infection or spread. It is also important to change the mask from time to time.

Surgical mask

Such masks are used by professionals and are considered equivalent to cloth masks. Users include doctors, pharmaceutical companies and nursing home employees. The same masks are also used by surgeons during operations. If it is worn, the contents of the throat or mouth do not fall out when coughing or sneezing. It also needs to be changed frequently and in that case it is beneficial. The easiest way for ordinary people is to use this low cost surgical mask.

Consumers using surgical masks should be careful to dispose of them properly after use, as most people throw them away after use, which not only creates environmental pollution. In addition, if there is an infection in the mask, there is a risk of it affecting other people.

FFP mask

This mask has several layers of kitchen towels. It has a half mask with a filter that is very useful in dust and other bacterial environments. They are of two types, disposable and reusable. Their structure is slightly stronger. The following are the types of FFP masks in the EU.

A) FFP One

Such masks are considered better than surgical masks. Construction and woodworkers can also wear these masks. Wearing them can protect you from dust.

B) FFP2, N95 and KN95

These masks conform to international standards. They are also called N95, KN95, and P2. Now they are being used more. Their use has become especially important in nursing homes for the elderly.


Where there is a risk of infection, it is important to use FFP3 in such places. This mask is considered very safe.

Difficulty breathing

It’s a fact that the FFP2 mask makes breathing a little harder. Health workers are allowed to take a 30-minute break if they wear such a mask for 75 minutes.

Mask sterilization

People traveling in buses and trains cannot buy new masks again and again. Such people can disinfect or sterilize the mask to keep it safe. It is also believed that the cloth mask is very safe to wash and use repeatedly. It is important to use a good and appropriate mask to prevent coronavirus.

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