Understand the dangerous hand gestures and worry about life

Understand the dangerous hand gestures and worry about life

Understand the dangerous hand gestures and worry about life

The best physician can diagnose the actual disease with just a few symptoms and then start the treatment based on this assessment or confirm the disease by having the first test done. However, we will mention here the diseases that your hands are pointing to. If any of the following symptoms are also evident in your hands, you should consult a doctor immediately so that timely treatment can be done. starter jasky-

Shaky hands reveal: Parkinson’s disease
Hand tremors are usually an indication that you should reduce your intake of caffeinated foods, such as coffee, and sometimes tremors in the event of side effects from respiratory medications. But if one hand trembles, it is the first sign of Parkinson’s disease – you should see your doctor immediately and inform him about it –

Nail color reveals: Kidney disease
Indian researchers A study of more than 100 kidney patients – researchers found that 36% of patients’ nails were divided into two colors – the surface of the nails of these patients was white while the upper part was brown – according to the researchers This condition of the nails was due to anemia and kidney disease –

Grip strength reveals: Heart health
According to Lancet’s research, a weak grip on the hands indicates a high risk of heart attack and stroke and is difficult to avoid – the study was performed on approximately 140,000 adults in 17 countries. – indicates the strength of hand grip strength, according to the researchers fitness is all muscle and

sweaty palms reveal: Hyperhidrosis
to pin too much sweat sticky hands may also indicate thyroid disorder is created in the sweat Glandular glands become unnecessarily over-activated – most people sweat in one or two parts of the body, such as on the hands, armpits or on the feet – consult your doctor to stop the production of excess sweat. And the real reason for this can also be found out.

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