Why is it important for us to eat 2 eggs a day

Why is it important for us to eat 2 eggs a day and what happens when we eat raw eggs? Learn what doctors say about eggs

Why is it important for us to eat 2 eggs a day
Eggs are eaten by everyone, but people who are allergic to eggs give them up and try not to eat them. Eggs are often said to be high in cholesterol, but the fact is that there is no substitute for eggs in natural foods.
Today we are going to tell you some of the benefits of eating 2 eggs a day.


1- Eating 2 eggs a day does not increase our cholesterol and does not produce extra calories in the body. It also helps us lose weight and stay healthy.
2- There is no shortage of calcium in the body and hair, skin and nails are also protected from diseases.
3. Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that strengthen your eyesight and control headaches.
4- They are very important for the health of pregnant women, because 2 eggs easily make up for the lack of nutrients that the mother and baby need.
There are also misconceptions about eggs that people should not eat raw eggs at all, but there are some benefits to eating raw eggs.

The doctor explains
1-High quality protein in raw eggs

Protein is made up of different amino acids and nine types are obtained from eggs. That is why they are considered a source of high quality protein. A large egg contains six grams of protein.
Whether you eat them boiled, eaten raw, made into omelettes, fried or eaten in any way, they are the best source of protein, vitamins and minerals for your body.

2- Useful for eyesight

Eggs are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids for people who do not eat fish. Omega 3 is good for the brain and eyesight. Egg yolks contain antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect the eyes.

3- Improving the immune system

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin D, vitamin B2, B5, B12, vitamin E, folate, lutein and omega-3. All of these things boost the immune system while reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

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